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Write profile with editor : 

[ Traslate Profile  ] 

Result : 

Or [Rotate Profile ] : 

Result : 


More improvements on Profile Editor : Chamfer And Fillet

I added some improvements in the profile editor:

[Fillet Line To Arc ]

[Chamfer Line To Arc ]

[Fillet Arc To Line]

[Chamfer Arc To Line]

and when you insert an arc ,  the software finds missing measures

example :

On EndPoint and Radius inserted , the center point is find automatically.

Slot Milling ( with trochoidal cut )

To create code for slot milling :

Press Groove on toolbar,

Fill the dialog window with the requested parameter .

Select the preferred method of working ( Traditional or Trochoidal)

Then insert cut parameter

Click [Update Preview] to see the toolpath.

Finally press [Ok] to close the dialog and return to main screen.

Press [Generate Code]  to get the code.

Face Milling Cycle

With this free software you can create in a very simple way an optimized face milling cycle.

This link explain you the benefit of this machining strategy :


Usage  example:

– Open the program .

– Create new file .

– Add New Phase -> Vertical Mill

– Add Face Milling

– Once the dialog screen is open , compile the screen below with the work detail ( width , height , material to remove ..)

Face Milling Work Parameter Screen

– Click on Next Button to go to next screen.

– In this screen you can choose the method of work ( one way , Spiral In ) .

Face Milling Method Screen

– Click on Next button again and input the cut parameter , diameter of mill and tool number.

– Once you entered all the necessary , click on [Update Preview] button to show the toolPath preview.

– Click Ok to save the work , and you return to main screen.

– Press the [ Generate Code ] button , on top, and program will be created .

That’s All !