I’m looking for people interested in testing the program in order to accelerate development and make it more stable.
Contact cncsimple (at) gmail.com. {Replace (at) with @}


5 thoughts on “Wanted testers for application

  1. Building my own CNC, and I’ll soon need some CAM / Control Software. I was a windows VB6 developper … I have a Visual Studio Professionnal running …

    Give me time to build the CNC and I’ll be able to test your application. In the mean time, I’ll look at the code 🙂


    1. This cncsimple software is a replacement for a cambam software ? or is it a replacement for both bamcam and mach3 software ?

      Or is it a 2D sketching to create the G-Code for Mach3 ?

      As you see, learning …

      Trying to figure out what I need to go from Inventor 2012 to CNC Control …

      1. Cncsimple is not intended to replace neither.
        The software is more like a conversational system , is not really a cad/cam system.
        There’s no drawing functions . Anyway there’s a algorithm to calculate toolpath for pocket with island , if you create a dxf importer , you can drawing with draftsight which is a free cad and then import your drawing.

        For simpler profiles there’s a profile editor inside .
        Is more oriented for machine shops , is inspired to modern programming system which are installed on professional machines (Like Mori Seiki CAPS).

  2. Hi,

    Nice work! I have an old mild equipped with steppers and MACH3 but now I am assembling a relatively new servo driven milling machine to work with EMC2. I would love to test it but first I have neither VS nor time to dig into the source (I have really basic software skills).

    Anyway i thing you’ve done great job!

    Good luck!

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